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Re-Thinking Marriage

Interact Don't Transact

Marriage is about interacting not transacting with one another.  What’s the difference?

Enjoying Sex

Create your own sexual relationship in your marriage—one that is enjoyable and long-lasting.

Personal Issues

What “taking things personally” means is a good place to start looking at your issues

Marital Conversations

Good conversations about hopes, difficulties, disagreements, enjoyments create the kind of marriage you want.


Re-thinking marriage means re-thinking what commitment means.

Husbands and Fathers

Husbands are now “in the game”—here are the plays.

Family and Work

Taking on the world of work as a married couple is not easy—you will need all the help you can get.

When It Is Not Working

How do you know when it’s not working—here are some guidelines

The New " Do"

You really can create the kind of marriage you want—what kind do you want?

Gender Traps

The traditional (homemaker-breadwinner roles) marriage is compelling–particularly when you have children

What's in the News

What other experts are talking about

Our Story

I hope that sharing our marital journey will help those of you beginning yours.