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By Catherine E. Aponte PsY.D.,

Clinical Psychologist

A Marriage of Equals

How To Achieve Balance In A Committed Relationship

Clinical Psychologist Catherine E. Aponte presents a vision of how to create the committed, equitable, vibrant family and work life that the young men and women of today want. How to do this is thoroughly and effectively presented in this book.


Catherine E. Aponte is a clinical psychologist who is married to a clinical psychologist, Joseph F. Aponte. They married in 1960, a time of significant social change. She and her husband embarked upon a martial journey guided by the basic principle that neither one of their careers was more important that the other’s.

This book is based on Catherine’s lived experience during the feminist revolution in the 70’s with her loving and supportive husband, her excellent training as a psychologist at the University of Florida, Duke University and Spalding University, and as a practicing psychologist working with couples for over 30 years in Louisville, KY.


“A Marriage of Equals does what no other book available does―speak to today’s heterosexual couples who want to have an egalitarian marriage. In clear and respectful language, Catherine Aponte walks men and women through having thoughtful conversations that address gendered expectations and stereotypes that still plague couples no matter how much they want to live differently, and gives them the tools to make that happen.”

―Vicki Larson, award-winning journalist and co-author of The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels